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Fun Ways to Teach Kids to Code


Following up on my Why We Need to Teach Kid to Code, here are some fun ways to help them learn. So cool – wish some of these were around when I was an 8 year old learning to code on my Atari 800! (this is an excerpt from my article for SheKnows) Games that teach computational thinking (ages 4+) For kids ...

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Agile Mindset for Your Startup


I got to share the stage with the other half last week at Harvard Innovation Lab, when Jeffrey Beir & I took turns presenting dueling views on building your startup. Myself from the product perspective, Jeffrey from the investor’s viewpoint. While we had clearly different opinions, one thing we both agreed on was that if you’re going to do a ...

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Focus in Chaos: Why I Like Kanban for Startups


It’s okay if you don’t know exactly where you’re going  – because things are always changing – just so long as you’re focused on the Right Things. BUT, this is really hard at a startup precisely because everything is always changing. It’s essential that your developers are okay with these points. It drives me a little crazy every time I ...

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Kanban is the New Scrum


Maybe it’s all the time I spend with startups, but while I strongly value Scrum’s ideas behind self-organizing teams & continual feedback – I can’t help but feel Kanban represents the next level of agility, giving us more flexibility and capitalizing on the lessons we’ve learned from Lean. Scrum A lot of people tend to think Agile means Scrum – ...

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Are We Agile Yet?


I read somewhere that a large number of software teams think they’re Agile because they do Daily Scrums. Now I don’t like to get religious, and I certainly don’t believe you have to follow some list of Ten Specific Practices to “Be Agile.” But I do think that sometimes companies get a little overly anxious to jump on the agile ...

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Do you want to know how to develop your skillset and become a ...

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