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Android Game Development – A Basic Game Architecture


So we got our Android application up and running but you might be wondering what type of application is exactly a game. I will try to give you my understanding of it. The following diagram represents a game architecture. Game architecture on an Android phone In the schema above you see the Android OS running on the Phone and everything ...

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Android Game Development – Create The Project


Now that we have our idea let’s get the environment up and start coding. To install Android follow the steps found on the official documentation page. I use eclipse so if you are a Java guy it should be pretty familiar. If you have never developed in Java but did some other coding in C++ or C# for example it ...

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Android Game Development – The Game Idea


Coming up with an idea for the game This is the hardest part. Because I am just one guy having limited time I will choose one idea that is realisable in a short time and will contain all elements of an action game. So I came up with a story for the game. The story goes like this: The end ...

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Do you want to know how to develop your skillset and become a ...

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