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Complete Guide To Deploy Java Web Application in Amazon Ec2 using Eclipse

Hi readers,
Today I’m going to show you how to deploy simple java web application in amazon ec2 using Eclipse IDE.
Before we begin we need some required things,
OK, lets start, here we go….
Step 1
  • First you have to install the AWS toolkit for eclipse plugin. Simply go to Help–> Eclipse Market Place –> Search Amazon
  • You will get the AWS toolkit for eclipse .
  • Click Install
  • It will show the corresponding packages and after agree the license will install it. Just a simple procedure.

Step 2
  • Windows –> Preferences –> select AWS Toolkit and Fill the fields according to your amazon ec2 account
  • Give your name to Account Name (Not Necessary), but give exact value to Access Key ID and Secret Access Key according to your amazon acc.
  • In the optional configuration (Expand it) give account id (exact value) to that field.

Step 3
  • Windows –> Show view –> Other –> Select AWS toolkit view (Select all views) –> OK
  • Now you can see the perspective view of aws.

Step 4
  • Now the configuration part is over.
  • Lets create a Amazon ec2 server. To do that File –> New –> Other –> Server –> server –> select amazon ec2 or amazon elastic server tomcat version 6 (you can either choose tomcat version 7)
  • Fill the fields and Finish. (Hope you have some basic understand about eclipse)                                       

Step 5
  • Now create a Dynamic Web project. File –> New –> Other -> Web –> Dynamic Web Project
  • Give whatever name you like.
  • Choose AWS Ec2 or Elastic runtime as a target runtime.
  • Click Finish

Step 6
  • Now create a servlet and Finish
  • Change the doGet() in servlet (Only for demo. This is where your code goesssss)

Step 7
  • Right click Servlet –> Run as –> Run On server –> Select the server you above create and Finish.

Step 8
  • Eclipse will automatically open the web page that you created. (Or in server tab right click the server and select amazon web service –> running)
Thats it…..
Just a simple procedure but you can expand this in your war… its up to you.
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One Response to "Complete Guide To Deploy Java Web Application in Amazon Ec2 using Eclipse"

  1. vikram says:

    Hello I’m having a problem with eclipse configuration as i done the access key and secret key configuration but still aws explorer show unable to connect i need to connect aws s3 storage.

    i have valid user ID i can create bucket and upload my files in aws website page but i cant locate the aws in eclipse i’m using Kepler and downloaded Sdk all done but still i’m unable to connect through eclipse

    please help me

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